• over 1000 graphical combinations
  • works in any sidebar
  • brightens any site in seconds
  • simple to use - just drag&drop the widget

Fancy Text Widget is a standard WordPress widget meaning that all configuration is managed in Appearance – Widgets. Simply drag&drop the widget from the left area to one of your sidebars to active it. Set the options and hit save.
FTW GUI screenshot.

Widget Options

  • title – widget title is optional. HTML tags are stripped.
  • content – widget content. HTML tags are allowed as well as shortcodes
  • auto paragraphs – as in posts if checked new lines will automatically be converted in paragraphs
  • background – semi-transparent texture placed on top of solid background color
  • background color – background color selectable via color picker
  • font color – text color selectable via color picker; default theme color can be used – click “Default theme color button”
  • font – FTW uses Google fonts. Ten are available, or you can use your theme’s default font
  • icon – icon is placed on top of the widget. You can also disable it.
  • icon position – left or right
  • corners – widget’s bottom corners can be “normal” or folded with shadows